Wednesday, December 30, 2009

STUDIO WORK In the first semester I took fiction writing as a studio work. Though I hadn’t written anything before it. In the beginning of my writing, I was just trying to fictionate an incident that happened in my childhood but while writing about that after a month, it took a form of a novel.
This story is about a family, where are three members, a father and his two children, they have no mother. Their mother had committed suicide. Through this novel, my effort is to express the reason of committing suicide of this lady from every family member’s point of view and the effect of the suicide on each family member and on the people who were related with this family.
This is not a suspense thriller death mystery but an effort to express a human nature.
The story of this novel is about to complete. It is still untitled. The language of it is Hindi.
wall painting......
The exhibition was conducted in ‘Herwitz Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa, Cept Campus, Ahmedabad on October 24 to November 1, 2009. This exhibition displayed paintings of six tribal artists of Madhya Pradesh. Nankushiya Shyam , Japani Shyam , Ram Singh Urveti , Narmada Prasad Tekam , Lado Bai and Bhuri Bai. Four of them belong to Gond Community and two belong to Bhil Community respectively.
The pattern of design is instinct and based on discovery of these tribal artists because they were not taught in any art school. As objects of these paintings, they took trees, animals, birds and reptiles as well. They used very vibrant colours. Paper and canvas are used. Acrylic colour is used on canvas and poster colour is used on paper.
In the work of Bhuri Bai, she made composition on canvas and few objects of these canvases, she has drawn on paper. Narmada Prasad has mostly drawn wild animals. Japani Shyam did cone work. She has drawn single object in one painting. They made designs in the object by dots and circular lines.
These paintings are expressing the culture of tribal. Some paintings are slightly lacking finishing. The composition on canvases is expressing the unity among them and great bonding between human and nature.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the character of an animation movie........
teen darwaza in Ahmedabad......... Ahmedabad
Contantin Stanislavski was a Russian actor and theatre director.He was born in 17 january.Stanislavski organised his realistic techniques.Stanislavski treated theatre as it requires dedication, discipline and integrity.Stanislavski’s work draws on a wide range of influences.He was the founder of the ‘Moscow Art’.He belonged from a very rich family. ’Stanislavski’ was actually his stage name.He took this name to keep his performance activies secret from his family.By the age of twenty five Stanislavski was well known as an amateur actor.He wrote his autobiography ‘My life in art’ in 1925.Stanislavski focused on the development of artistic truth onstage by teaching actors to ‘live the part’ during performance.His main approach was to training actors.He had developed a scientific way of teaching.His areas of work were concentration,voice,physical skills,emotion memory,observation,harmony,analysis and creativity.Stanislavski’s goal was to find a universally applicable approach that could be of service to all actors.Stanislavski’s aim was to have characters performed as ‘truthfully’ as possible, relying on full commitment.